Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[Anwsered] Case-sensitive VLOOKUP

Case-sensitive VLOOKUP


I found the following formula on this site, which performs the equivalent of a case-sensitive VLOOKUP.
In D1 I have a drop-down to select any cell in range A2:A20
It works really well except when the lookup column contains names where one is a subset of the other.
eg 'Dani' and 'Danielle'
When the Find function is looking for 'Dani' both the above entries score a '1' in the Find array.
I tried to fix this using Exact, like this:
The array returned by the EXACT function seems as if it should work.
But although some selections of D1 return the correct answer, many of them don't.
I tried variations, such as:
but this also gives inconsistant results.
Can anyone tell me what's going wrong?
Regards - Dave

Key to Case-sensitive VLOOKUP:

For the LOOKUP function to work correctly, the data being looked up must be sorted in ascending order.
Case sensitive lookup using VLOOKUP and EXACT will work only if the exact match is found on top of the list before any other matching
Try the INDEX() formula above

Fix damaged registry entries about the error - Case-sensitive VLOOKUP

The registry is a huge database where most system errors like Case-sensitive VLOOKUP error come from. When a software was installed or uninstalled incorrectly, sometimes there will be some invalid registry entries of some program files like Case-sensitive VLOOKUP are left in the registry. That's why you need to regularly clean those corrupt registry entries and keep the registry tidy so that such errors won't bother you.

Please Note: The system registry stores all data that all software and hardware require to run. So it's not suggested that you clean the system registry manually. You should know that a small mistake may lead to a crashing down or the corruption of the OS

Check if hardware is working properly

If you still receive Case-sensitive VLOOKUP error message after you perform a clean installation of your Operating System, it's certain that this problem should be caused by a bad hardware. You can test each piece of hardware devices and find out and then replace the problematic one.

Recommended Solution to Fix This Error: Case-sensitive VLOOKUP

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What People Say: (About Case-sensitive VLOOKUP)

Couldn't play GTA 5, because of missing Case-sensitive VLOOKUP file. Now, everything works fine. Good service.

by Ricky Thompson Jan.10th

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