Friday, January 29, 2016

[Anwsered] Automatically Insert Sheet Name into a Cell

Automatically Insert Sheet Name into a Cell

I would like to insert into a cell the name of the worksheet it belongs to.

I found this on the web:

Function WorkSheetName() As String
WorkSheetName = ActiveSheet.Name
End Function

I pressed Alt-F11 to get the VBA editor and placed this exact code above into it.

Into the cell where I want the sheet name to go I put in "=worksheetname()" but I get "#NAME?" instead of the sheet name.



Keys to the Problem Automatically Insert Sheet why have my tiles gone black and white? i dont know how to change back to colour. Help :( Name into a Cell

Unfortunately the file name constantly changes.
 It is renamed with a date reference every time it is updated.

The formula I gave you is like any other and will recalculate whenever Excel does so if you change the worksheet name the formula I gave you will update to show that new name.
IMO the UDF approach is not a Keyboard keys typing numbers instead of text good idea because it returns the name of the activesheeet so if you call the udf from 2 different sheets the formula will be incorrect on the sheet you can't see.
More importantly, changing worksheets doesn't make Excel calculate
so the formula will always display the name of the sheet that was active the last time Excel calculated.
That UDF doesn't calculate when Excel does because it isn't volatile.
To make it volatile windows 8 cannot share from the dektop? you must add
as the first line but this doesn't cure the potential problem noted above.

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