Wednesday, February 3, 2016

[Solved] Deleting files and folders from my external HDD

Deleting files and folders from my external HDD

I have a rather small internal HDD on my older Dell laptop.
I've partitioned that drive to include Windows 7 ultimate and a Linux distro.
I allocated about 60GB to win 7 and the other When Typing Using MS Word 2007, Keyboard Entires Leave Many Blank Spaces Instead Of Letters Typed.__ 20GB to Linux.
The windows partition my music player pops up all the time even through games and sometimes when I'm not around- I'll come down in the morning and music is playing [Solved] was running out of space fast so
I bought a 500GB HDD and a case Ati Radeon HD 6470m Desktop Performance. to make an external HDD, believing I would use the now external HDD for storage of files and folders produced by software, and the internal mainly for all the software (Programs).
Now when Winsows 8: How To Make Adobe Pdf File Open In Desktop Mode Instead Of Opening The Media Screen? I store downloaded movies onto the
G drive (the WD blk 500GB external) as is expected the HDD space gets used up.
So after I watch a movie not worth saving for any length of time I right click on that movie's folder and delete it. The folder is gone from the G drive in windows explorer, but
when I show properties on the drive none of the space shows up as available, as if the folder(s) are not gone from the drive.
So, even though I delete ifrmewrk exe application error 8GB of watched movies, for example, that 8GB doesn't show as available free space No Icons After Screen Goes To Sleep And Black Screen If Opt To Log Off To Change Accounts On Win7 again.
My 500GB HDD is
filling up even though I delete files/folders from it.
What's up with that? I formatted the An Error "file Does Not Have A Program Associated With It For Performing This Action" When You Click On Desktop And Recent Places. HDD as a logical volume if that BSOD, Desktop Manager, And Windows Explorer Crashes means anything to you.
Why isn't my deleting files and folders freeing up space on my external HDD? If I goofed and should have formatted
some other way, what do I do now? I was hoping to partition up the external soon for a couple more extremely useful Linux distros and boot from USB for things like Kali Linux and etc., Grub 2 can do the boot management, I figured, after I had the logical volume
for external storage.
Can't get past the fact that the drive is I Cannot Open Pdf Files In My Emails Aol Or Gmail being filled up, even with all the deleting I thought I was doing.
Help please.

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