Tuesday, February 16, 2016

E-mail Word document with embedded PDF file [Solved]

E-mail Word document with embedded PDF file

If I e-mail a Word file which has an embedded PDF document, do I have to attach both the Microsoft Word 2010 Paper is not white Word file and the embedded PDF file to the e-mail?

Solutions to the NOT copying but cut a range of cells Problem E-mail Word document with embedded PDF file

That's correct.
When you check the "Link to file" box in the Insert Object dialog, you are not embedding the PDF file in the Word document.
The only thing inserted in the document is a link (like a shortcut) to the location of the PDF file on your drive.
If you mail that
to another computer, there's no way to resolve asus mainboard driver download the link and open the PDF file.
When the "Link to file" box is not checked, the PDF file itself is embedded in the Word document.
When you mail that, the recipient gets the whole thing, so clicking the object in the my e mail asked for my password and did not act when i put it in can i reset my password i keep getting conot find pop 3 server document will open the PDF.
If you have a document in which there are linked objects that you want Troubleshooting:arranging random numbers in ascending order to turn into embedded objects, first save the document and then click the File tab.
On the Info page, at the bottom right, click the "Edit Links to Files" button.
In the dialog that opens,
select the links and click the Break Link button.
Then resave the document.

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