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Troubleshoot:All applications produce 0xc0000022 error

All applications produce 0xc0000022 error


My Asus 64 bit Windows 7 machine has been rendered inoperable due to 0xc0000022 error.  I've been trolling the Internet and working on this issue for the past 2 weeks.  Here are the particulars:

Initial symptoms: machine hangs in "Shutting Down" i.e., it never closes.  I force a shut down and reboot.  Upon returning to Windows, all apps (everything: Firefox, Word, Excel, Picasa, Adobe Photoshop Elements, etc.) return the 0xc0000022 error.  I am able
to open each one individually when I select "open as administrator".  All virus software, including my Symantec virus software and MS virus software has somehow been disabled and is unable to be reopened.  All of my data files remain accessible.

I have run Malwarebytes: it found 2 instances of 1 virus.  It was removed, the system was rescanned and it reports no virus found.

System Restore doesn't work; it proceeds through the whole process until the very end when it says there were errors and no files were changed.

I have repeatedly run sfc /scannow.  It indicates it is unable to repair all of the damaged files that it finds.  The log it produces is 5,000+ kb; the hundreds of entries make it impossible for me to interpret and to identify "the one file" that is causing
the problem.

I have run chkdsk.  It ran all night; it found some bad sectors which it repaired.  No change in machine behavior.

Asus has a startup repair utility.  It has been run without success.  I have run an Asus image disc; however it wasn't generated until AFTER the problems started occurring.  I would guess the image is damaged as well.

My goal is to effect repairs without rewriting the entire hard drive on this barely 1-old desktop computer.  Anyone out there looking for a challenge? 

Thanks for your thoughts!

Solutions to the Problem All applications produce 0xc0000022 error

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Thanks for your clarification.

I had begun moving data files onto another drive in preparation for finding an installation disc and implementing the procedure you recommended.  However I attempted yet another Restore from an advanced start-up screen.  After a lengthy processing time once
again the computer indicated the process failed and no files were changed.  This time I elected to start-up from a saved image -- I didn't think one is available; I was going to use the start-up CD-R's I had created a couple days ago but the computer never
requested additional input from me.

Anyway, the computer started properly with full functionality restored to every application.  I ran a full system virus scan -- nothing found.  I initiated a restore-set point to save the computer as-is.  I can't explain what was different about this attempt;
I believe this was the first time I selected "start-up from saved image" option.

Thanks again for your time and suggestions.

Tweak IE Options
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Go to "Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab".
  • Uncheck "Enable third-party browser extensions".
  • Click "Apply".
  • Reboot your computer.

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